Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Abbott Speeches: Dead, Buried & Resurrected

Erasing Old Tony?

A report by Fairfax journalist, Bianca Hall suggests that all of Tony Abbott's speeches prior to becoming Prime Minister have been wiped from the internet.

The tonyabbott.com.au now redirects to the main Liberal Party website where none of his famous & controversial speeches appear.

Tony Abbott's more controversial speeches disappear 'Tony Abbott's more controversial speeches disappear'

Is it just a migration and scheduling issue?

Until we know for sure, below is a WaybackMachine archive portal of the original site you can use to view the speeches.

Update 1 - Trove Search

has also found the speeches via a Trove search.

Abbott Speeches At Trove

Update 2 - Australia's Pandora Web Archive

You can also use Australia's Pandora Web Archive to do a search. The result would be this.

Update 3 - Using The WayBackMachine

Using WayBackMachine

Go to the WayBackMachine website & type in the URL of the site you wish to view.

You'll be presented with a calendar and a series of circled dates. In the search for tonyabbott.com.au, I was unable to retrieve anything post election 2013. Most recent archive was from 29 August 2013 which is displayed below.

Abbott Speeches WayBackMachine Dates

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