Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Going postal: The LNP’s postal vote letter drop  

Mixing postal vote applications with electoral advertising.

Is it ethical?

Living in the federal seat of Griffith, I received the following in the letter box today.  Please note this is an application to seek a postal vote, not an actual ballot paper.

Some people may have received these by now. I've posted here for others who haven't seen them. Mixed in with the form are electoral advertising.

The letter was sealed, not addressed to anyone but the householder. It has "IMPORTANT Postal Vote information" splashed across the top.  As there is no indication that it was from a political party, most householders would open the letter, thinking it may be from the electoral office or post office.

However, this is not exactly the case.  I've taken a series of scanned images to display exactly what was inside the letter.

It also displays a "Need more info?" message with a 1300 telephone number.  This connects you to a Qld LNP office.

You can make up your own mind if they are ethical, a good advertising campaign or not.
Posta VoteE nvelope   The letter arrives in the post box, 'TO THE HOUSEHOLDER'.

Postal Vote Envelope Back   Nothing on the back to acknowledge it has come from a political party.
Postal Vote - Letter From Tony Abbott   Inside, a friendly letter from leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott with LNP emblem.
Postal Vote App Form Front   Also, inside, a pamphlet labelled 'Postal Vote Application Form' with the good old Australia post letter box on the front.
Postal Vote Application form back   Without opening it out, if you flip it over there are some handy tips on what to do.

LNP candidate for the federal seat of Griffith is at the bottom.
Postal Vote Application Form Inside   Inside is the standard postal vote application form you would find at any post office.
Postal Vote - Info on back of application form   If you flip that over there is a "Need more information?" message in the bottom left.

The telephone number listed conects you to a Qld LNP office.

Below is the standard political advertising authorisation by B Henderson.

Brad Henderson is State Director of the LNP in Queensland.

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