Tuesday June 27, 2017

Gonski: Dead, Buried & Resurrected

Written by David Marler
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Review of Funding for Schooling:

The Abbott Government's Erasure of the Gonski Report 'Review of Funding for Schooling'

A report by Fairfax journalist Peter Martin shows that the Abbott Government has erased all documents on the federal education website relating to David Gonski's 'Review of Funding for Schooling'.

The betterschools.gov.au now redirects to the new federal education website, education.gov.au where there is no record of Gonski review.

Gonski's gone: school funding review struck from record

'Gonski's gone: school funding review struck from record'

Using the WaybackMachine, we can display an archived version of the original website.
Scroll down the page and click on 'Download the Final Report of the Review of Funding for Schooling'.

On the next page, click on 'PDF (3.96 MB)' and the original 'Review of Funding for Schooling' will open.

You can then save the file to your computer.

Using the WayBackMachine Archive

Using the WayBackMachine
Go to the WayBackMachine website & type in the website, betterschools.gov.au . You'll be presented with a calendar.

We choose 6th August, 2013 as it was the latest archive.

Gonski: Dead, Buried & Resurrected

Hover the mouse over the 'A new funding system' tab & then click on
'Review of funding for schooling'.

That is the page displayed below.

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