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Peta Credlin - Pride Before A Fall

Written by David Marler
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Peta Credlin Pride Before A Fall

The Champagne Spill: Peta Credlin - Pride Before A Fall

Liberal arrogance & champagne spilled into Parliament House corridors tonight     CANBERRA, THURSDAY, 16 MAY 2013, Opposition leader Tony Abbott has just given a rousing budget reply speech to Parliament in response to Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan.

The Coalition is on its feet, a standing ovation for the man who would be Prime Minister.

One of their top sponsors, Gina Rinehart is present. She has pre-recorded a speech for the Sydney Mining Club which will be played on the big screen before a conference the next day.

To Rinehart, the only hope for Australia is in mining.  She speaks regally, the same careful, clipped speech as Queen Elizabeth would use in  delivering her Christmas message.
She calls for a new economic zone throughout northern Australia, lower taxes for miners and how the resources sector cannot be used like an ATM.
If you knew nothing about Australia and had just arrived this week, you could be forgiven for thinking Tony Abbott was now the Prime Minister, Gina Rinehart was Queen of Australia and we all worked in the mining industry to some capacity.

It's a joyous occasion in Canberra and the champagne is flowing. It is reported that the euphoria flows out into the corridors of power and spills into greater Canberra.

Much later in the night, Tony Abbott's top adviser, Peta Credlin is pulled over for drink driving on her way home from dinner. The ABC reports a breath alcohol reading of 0.075.

On Monday, Tony Abbott makes a 'heartfelt' statement.

"She accepts that she's made a mistake, she's done the wrong thing."
  Gina Rinehart’s pre-recorded address to the Sydney Mining Club 
Oz polls show nothing can save this miserable govt.     "She will now go through the ordinary process that every Australian in this position goes through. I stress this is something that happened in her time, in her private time."

"She does an absolutely outstanding job as my chief of staff."

The matter will be heard in court.

Neither of Australia's two biggest news outlets, Fairfax (Rinehart) or News Ltd (Rupert Murdoch) will report on the incident beyond the 24 hour news cycle.

There will be no over-analysis of Tony Abbott's "judgement of character" by opinionists as we have seen with such ferocity against the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
The latest Newspoll is out and Murdoch is tweeting about the end of a "miserable govt".

Both the Queen of Australia and the King of News have anointed Abbott as this country's next leader.

Update 24 July 2013

Peta Credlin will plead guilty to a low-range reading in the ACT is between 0.05 to 0.08 grams of alcohol in every 100ml of blood. Ms Credlin did not appear in court but was represented by her lawyers.
Abbott staffer to plead guilty

'Abbott staffer to plead guilty'

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