Tuesday June 27, 2017

Democracy? Not even mediocrity.

Written by Caroline Bennett
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Caroline Bennett's Take On Democracy in Queensland

Qld Democracy NotEven Mediocrity 
Caroline Bennett is a parent and P&C president fighting to save Toowoomba South State School from closure by the Newman Government. 

It is extremely difficult to maintain, focus and fight the campaign to keep our school open in the face of adversity that we have no control over.

The campaign we fight borders upon ludicrous and discrimination. Each school's P&C
Association must conduct their fight unfunded and with personal resources only. Hardly equitable considering we fight an extremely well funded, lavishly staffed and resourced government department. 

Not only do we have to continue to maintain our fight to keep our school open, we also have to fight to ensure that Queensland does the right thing and signs up for the Gonski reforms.

How do we carry on when being stonewalled in the attempt to gain a meeting with the Queensland Minister for Education, John-Paul Langbroek? We believe we have a fundamental right to a conversation with the person who would willingly close our school.

It is heartrending to see each of the nine Queensland schools slated for closure named on the Gonski list of potential recipients for funding. To us, it only offers false hope.

By definition, democracy allows participation to contribute to the creation of proposals, developments, decisions, policies and laws.

As Queensland citizens, this is no longer

As a school representative, you need only ask yourself were you given the opportunity to have your say on Gonski reforms for Queensland?

Our local member for Toowoomba South, LNP's John McVeigh didn't table anything in parliament to support the continuation of Toowoomba South State School.

Whilst our neighbouring member for Condamine, KAP's Ray Hopper was delivering a speech condemning the school closures in his electorate, John McVeigh was delivering a speech about fish and trees.

While we appreciate, McVeigh is the Queensland Minister for Agriculture, the electorate of Toowoomba South is on his watch and he is custodian of our school scheduled for closure.

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