Tuesday June 27, 2017

Passionate About Respectful Politics

Written by Em Mastronardi
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Passionate About Respectful Politics I am a young female passionate about politics. I have no shame in showing I am a proud supporter of the Coalition.

Although I am loyal to my party, I will be the first to criticise their policies and make them accountable when needed. In saying that too, I am always respectful of voters from a different perspective...
I believe that the way to solving our nations problems is collaborating together in unity. I respect many politicians from an array of parties.

I am writing this mainly to speak out about the horrid abuse I suffer as a result of my passions. Regularly I am subject to being called a "Liberal slut" who simply is out for "wealthy old man cock".

Just last night I was called a "useless cunt" for no other reason than proudly affirming my stance. I was then met with a wall of comments about "cunts disappoint" this persons "cock". Often I am asked if my "brains fell into my tits" or whether I have "had a good fuck in a while".

This is not a one off like I said. Almost everyday I am met with comments that question my physical appearance and sexual nature in the most vile of manners.

Politics is about electing and debating what is right for our country. I do not see how those comments I mentioned are remotely relevant to bettering our society. Rudd called for our politicians to be kinder to one another, how about users of twitter try too.

Enough is enough.

Discussions and debates are healthier than any argument. There is no need for personal tyrants or attacks. We might not agree on somethings, or even everything but at the end of the day - We are all just people who are campaigning for a better, cause - let's start to show a bit of respect.

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