Tuesday June 27, 2017
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March in March in Brisbane 


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'March in March movement puts Abbott on notice'


March in March, the benevolent revolution movement is the physical manifestation of the thoughts, ideas & philosophies expressed over new media.
The Conservative commentariat will all ways argue that it is a Leftist movement, likening it to communism. You can choose to challenge them or ignore.

Critics will argue that it has no leadership and no way forward. Therein lies the beauty of the movement. Once humans form into groups, political parties and factions they lose sight of their original aims and goals. It's diversity that binds participants of the movement together.

Over new media, people are truly distanced from political agenda. Each person takes up a role they see themselves as best performing; be it organising a rally, blogging, retweeting, facebooking, emailing or photographing the event.

What Australia is witnessing is a new level of protest; multiple issues assailing the government of the day from multiple platforms.

People don't want to be ruled over and partake in democracy every three to four years at an election. Increasingly, they expect to be represented and to have a say in the daily democratic process. How that is achieved is yet to emerge.

In March In March we hear the light, peaceful footsteps toward a benevolent revolution. It's an exciting time to be alive.

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