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Go Away Now AusVotes2013

Is The Australian Writers' Centre Winner For Best Australian Blogs 2013 All It Claims?

Go Away Now @AusVotes2013

Winner of the Australian Writers' Centre 'Best Australian Blogs 2013' is AusVotes 2013.

From their "About" page, they state:

"The concept for this blog is simple – to provide the observations, analysis and opinion that are missing in the traditional media’s coverage of the election.

In short, to provide the perspectives we wish we could read in the MSM.

Many of our writers have their own blogs and are on Twitter, so if you like their work here be sure to sign up to their blogs and check out their tweetstream."

My first foray into the site was with writer Kathryn Crosby. She had written a piece entitled, "If you don’t know how parliament works, don’t tweet photos of it."

I added my comments but I now see that I was not welcome.

Kathryn replied, "You were being condescending, and doing one of my pet hates in trying to imply that you and others have more right to an opinion on this issue than I do."

I should have been, "thankful you are here, and not on Begin Rant where I would be far less polite, and go away now."

"Go away now" means I'm not to present any further opinion at the site.  Which is fair enough as it belongs to those who have put the money into it.

As all ways, you can read below and decide for yourself.

Or the full external link to the article is here: 'If you don’t know how parliament works, don’t tweet photos of it.'

To skip to my condescending comments click here for external link: Comments Section

Update 1: Thursday 23, 2013 7:11pm - A Reply From AusVotes 2013 Editor Paula Matthewson aka @Drag0nista

Paula Matthewson is the editor of AusVotes 2013. She is known as @Drag0nista on twitter. She is a former adviser to Former Prime Minister, John Howard. Her twitter profile reads "Former Lib staffer & lobbyist".

Paula makes reference to the fact that I don't have blogging at this site. The reason being I don't want to dedicate time to reviewing posts. I'd rather be out reading, writing and sharing. You can always hit me up at @Qldaah on twitter.

Paula writes that I had a 'disagreement' with Kathryn Crosby.

She supports all her writers.

Kathryn stated that I was condescending toward her.

Kathryn asked me to go away.

I felt I was contributing to Kathryn's article but that turns out not to be the case.

Paula finishes with, "I do hope that you will visit AusVotes 2013 again some other time."

I could but what would be the point?

You can read Paula's full response here.

Update 2: Friday 24, 2013

Is the site achieving what it set out to do, to provide 'observations, analysis and opinion'?

Is it providing 'perspectives we wish we could read in the MSM' or is it just another blog pushing an agenda in an election year?

Is it a worthy winner of Australian Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 award for Commentary?

Doesn't matter what I think or my experience. That's in the past.

Take a look at the whole article, the whole site and experiences of other readers.

Decide for yourself if it is Australia's top blogsite.

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