Tuesday June 27, 2017


Written by David Marler
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With a Budget of $15,000, new production studio company Hemogoblin (that's Goblin of the impish kind) has released episode 1 of "L5".

This is a "crowdfunded series" whereby the episodes are available for download free via bit torrent from www.vodo.net/l5 and fans can choose to donate to the production of the next episode or purchase tickets to stream the content from their sites.

The series starts on the ship "Argo" which has returned to Earth from a 20 year fact finding mission on a nearby planet to assess it's habitability as a replacement for a dying Earth. They bring bad news. However, there appears to be no one to deliver the news to as their hails to the massive orbiting O'Neill colony ships receive no response. They decide to investigate one of these colonies, the "L5", where 3 Million people live at 1G Earth gravity.

The "Argo" is powered by a blackhole drive which generates hocking radiation to propel the ship at high speed. Hemogoblin write that they see "..our film studio as breathing new life into the Hollywood system, removing the debris of outdated methods, and energizing the industry with spark,magic and little bit of mischief . . . all the elements needed for any disruptive innovation."

They also add "A tenet of this studio is that green aliens and impossible science is replaced by what really works within known physical laws."

The artwork is fantastic in places and not so great in others. The acting does wavier from great to weak. Some scenes appear awkward with nervous actors who may need to relax a little. If you have a big sound system, the big bass hum of the "Argo" will overpower the dialect so you may need to adjust your sound before you get right into it.

Overall, it's worth a look at the first episode, it's only 25 mins long. Good on 'em for having a crack at this tough genre. Donations are currently at $10,572 and downloads from www.vodo.net/l5 have hit 1,714,853 so hopefully episode 2 isn't too far away.

3 April 2012 Update : $11,620 has now been raised and total downloads are at 1,734,184.  We think there's definately room for more crowdfunded series if you can develop a loyal fanbase.  Viewers don't want their shows dictated to by suits reading ratings numbers.

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