Tuesday June 27, 2017


Written by David Marler
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Newmania, (The State Formally Known As Queensland)


The first time I came across the term Newmania was when I was browsing through my twitter timeline. The Sydney Writers Centre - Best Australian Blogs 2012 had been posted and Sally's name popped up as a finalist.

As soon as I read her first piece about Newmania, I knew she'd nailed what we were all thinking at the time. The change from Bligh Government to the Newman one had been traumatic to say the least. Newman had refused to renew the rights to the term Smart Start.

It's been pretty much down hill from there.

Sal has kept up the 'brainblurts' (as she calls them) on everything that is going on in Newmania and how it's subjects are coping with King Campbell Newman.

Sal also blogs about other things. You can view her blog to the right.

Below are some of my own Newmania brainblurts.

     Only The Depth Varies - Sally Piracha
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