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Written by David Marler
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Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek once gave a Gonski   John-Paul Langbroek is Queensland's Education Minister, assuming office on 3rd April 2012 under Premier Campbell Newman.

Shortly after his birth in 1961, his family emigrated from the Netherlands to Queensland.

He is the elder brother of television and radio personality, Kate Langbroek.

Langbroek stepped aside as LNP leader to make way for Newman. Newman did not have a seat at the time but went on to win the Queensland election in March 2012 to become Premier.

Shortly after taking on the Education portfolio, Langbroek set about closing schools, such as the National (formerly Qld) School for Travelling Show Children and remote schools like Gregory Downs School.
He has refused to continue disability funding for Queensland independent and private schools.

At first supporting the national curriculum reforms (Gonski) proposed by the federal Gillard Government, Langbroek has since  withdrawn the Queensland Government's support.
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