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March In March, the Benevolent Revolution

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Labor had sex with Qld

The LNP Claims 'Labor had sex with Qld for last decade or more.'  

A quick photo snapshot on Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls twitter page has evoked a stoush between the Federal ALP candidate for Hinkler, Leanne Dondaldson and Queensland State MP for Redlands, Peter Dowling.

Donaldson responded to a Tim Nicholls post of himself and Premier Campbell Newman sharing a whiskey with Manager of Government Business Ray Stevens. It was the end of a long week in which Queenslanders heard how the state's assets were to be privatised and outsourced.

"Are you celebrating screwing over Queenslanders?" Donaldson asked.

There was no response from the main protagonists in the photo but Qld State MP for Redlands and Ethics committee chair, Peter Dowling did respond copying in Premier Newman and Treasurer Nicholls.

"No. We are getting Qld back on track! Labor had sex with Qld for last decade or more. Your bad."

Copying in the same people, Donaldson responded shortly after with, "Very bad taste photo when you're destroying people's lives and offering nothing."

  'Sex With Qld' Peter Doherty saves the exchange
The twitterverse took up the debate in #Qldpol with Channel 7 Queensland's Peter Doherty saving a copy of the exchange and re-tweeting, "Because I'm sure this tweet will be deleted soon.." (62 retweets at time of writing).

By midday, The Courier Mail's Robyn Ironside and Kelmeny Fraser published an article in which Dowling explained his position.

"No-one has spoken to me about the tweet."

"My language was much more temperate than the (Federal Labor) candidate for Hinkler who suggested that, and it's a term that I probably won't use but my language was much more temperate."

Throughout the Newman Government's reign, the 'Labor did it' excuse has prevailed as a common answer when backed into a corner.

Candidate for the Federal seat of Hinkler, Leanne Donaldson told Greenshack that the definition of screwing over was not sexual in any way and was defined as; to take advantage of  as in; "They really screwed us over on the contract."

"All I can say is that I'm glad I don't think like Peter Dowling," she told Greenshack.
Labor had sex with Qld for last decade or more.    The Queensland Parliamentary week was also shrouded in sexual innuendo when Treasurer Tim Nicholls and Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek hurled jibes at Opposition Leader Annastacia Palasczcuk during question time.

In response to a question from Palasczcuk, Nicholls quiped, “First time with the Leader of the Opposition and I am excited by it."
Upon her asking a follow up, he commented, "The first answer was so good she came back with a second one."

At which Education Minister, John-Paul Langbroek joined in with, "It won't be a one-night stand!”

Six school children and Premier Newman's wife Lisa were present in the public gallery.

Late on Friday, Treasurer Nicholls told Brisbane Times, "I think that what occurred with Mr Dowling is something that is a salutary warning ... for people to consider what they put up on their Twitter sites, their Facebook sites and others."

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