Tuesday June 27, 2017

Apology To Mr Steve Jarron

Written by David Marler
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Please read: Apology To Mr Steve Jarron Over Misrepresentation in 'Norsefire Burning' 

In an earlier version of the chapter entitled 'Bad Boss'  from Norsefire Burning, Greenshack and I, David Marler, misrepresented Mr Steve Jarron's involvement in an email forwarded to Mr Scott Driscoll and Mr Bruce Mills.

I misinterpreted The Courier Mail's article 'Scott Driscoll 'helped sack Norsefire whistleblowers' and misrepresented Mr Jarron's position by stating; Jarron betrayed the whistleblower by forwarding the email to Driscoll.

Mr Jarron has subsequently contacted me to state that this was not the case.

"I have not and never will betray anyone, particularly my employees. Your claim is an extremely misleading, defamatory and falsely-based assumption that can only do harm to the credibility of the rest of your article.  I challenge you to find anyone (apart from perhaps Scott Driscoll and his colleagues) who would agree with your assessment."

The fault was 100% the mistake of myself, David Marler.

I have apologised to Mr Jarron in writing and corrected the mistake in the chapter.

I have also apologised to The Courier Mail's Mark Solomons who covered the story for any problems this may have caused to the organisation.


David Marler

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