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Queensland's Removal Of Fluoridation To Its' Water Supply

Queensland's Removal Of Fluoridation From Its' Water Supply

Fluoride Shires Qld
Shires that have removed fluoride from water supplies in red. Click to enlarge.


Not all of Queensland has removed fluoride from it's drinking supply. On 29th November, 2012 the Liberal National Party (LNP) Government passed legislation to remove the compulsory order, thus passing management back to local Queensland councils.

So far eight councils have voted to remove it from their water supply but the LNP seems divided on the benefits and effects of water fluoridation.

The State Education Minister and former dentist, John-Paul Langbroek, stated 'These councils are making poor, ill-judged decisions that are having long-term ramifications for their children.'

Another LNP MP, Jason Woodforth stated that fluoride was 'brain-altering poison' and 'fluoride in drinking water was worse than a performance enhancing drug'. Woodforth also owns a bodybuilding supplement store which sells a protein containing growth factor 1 (IGF-1). It is legal to sell it but has been banned by sports authorities for professional athletes. Woodforth says fluoride is far worse than IGF-1, which has been linked to heart, lung and liver damage.

Journalist, Caitlin Holding from WIN News Wide Bay, was at one of the public speaking meetings on the Fraser Coast when council voted to remove fluoride from its' water supply. Her tweets from the event are displayed below:

Australian Federal Health Minister, Tanya Plibersek, discusses the dangers of disregarding science and outlines her concerns over fluoride removal from Queensland's water supply.


MP for Nudgee, Jason Woodforth, is an anti-fluoridation campainer and has installed a reverse osmosis filter in his home. His electorate is in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane but Mayor Quirk says council will not be removing flouride from the water supply.



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