Tuesday June 27, 2017

Tensions In Logan

Written by David Marler
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Tensions In Logan - Events Leading Up To The Andrew Laming 'Welfare On Tap' Incident

Andrew Laming MP

Andrew Laming is the Australian Federal Opposition spokesperson for Aboriginal Health and Regional Health Services. He is the Liberal National Party's (LNP) member for Bowman in Queensland on Brisbane's bayside.

Tensions in the neighbouring electorate of Rankin, represented by ALP's Craig Emerson, have been high for some time. Laming took to twitter and facebook to give his views on the violence which took place over the 12th - 15th January 2013.

However, the troubles do go back a long time. Recent events in December brought these tensions to breaking point...
Social media users instantly branded Laming's tweets as 'racist' while others supported Laming's stand. While his tweets were certainly unhelpful in resolving the situation, was it more a case of 'rankism' instead of racism?

In understanding the entire situation, it's important to step back a couple of months and see what instigated the latest tension:

Ten News Qld Vid 1 17/12/12: The family of a Logan teen, hit and killed by a train, say he was in a fight, fueled by racial tensions, just moments before his death. Logan, south of Brisbane, Queensland.

Ten News Qld Vid 2 18/12/12: Logan peace rally turns ugly at Woodridge and Logan south of Brisbane, Queensland. Angry mourners march through the streets. It followed the death of a local teenager.

Ten News Qld Vid 3 14/1/13: Up to 50 people clashed in racial tensions at Woodridge in the Logan area south of Brisbane, Queensland.

Andrew Laming's first tweet on the incident:

Andrew Laming's second tweet on the matter after the Courier Mail contacted him:

Andrew Laming's third tweet claiming that the Courier Mail had in their article distorted race tensions:

Andrew Laming's fourth tweet attacks the Courier Mail's Brittany Vonow:

Andrew Laming's fifth tweet after a Change.org is raised against him:

Andrew Laming's sixth tweet; a retweet of the orginal:

Ten News Qld Vid 4: 15/1/13: There's an uneasy calm on Logan's streets after a third day of fierce inter-racial clashes.

Andrew Laming's seventh tweet clarifying his original meaning:

Ten News Qld Vid 5 16/1/13: Logan residents express their needs.

Ten News Qld Vid 6 17/1/13: Logan Indigenous Elders Call For Help With Tensions

After a hiatus Andrew Laming once again took to twitter with an eighth:

Reveling in the fame, Laming followed up with a ninth tweet:

MP for Rankin, Craig Emerson responded on twitter with:

The tenth tweet sees a trip to Thursday Island where Laming is welcomed:

The eleventh tweet boasts that his Facebook page about the incident is more popular than one by Prime Minister Gillard:

Ten News Qld Vid 7 21/1/13: Premier Newman meets with Logan community to help with Tensions

A twelfth tweet sees Laming express vindication after the Premier's visit:

Craig Emerson responds to the latest claims by Laming:

Ten News Qld Vid 8 15/2/13: A three day summit in Logan, aimed at resolving racial tensions, has been slammed as "all talk".

Ten News Qld Vid 9 19/2/13: Logan's anti-violence summit has turned it's attention to public housing to help improve the city's image.

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